About us

The roots of Sudesh Real Estate as an enterprise are embedded deep in the principles of customer service and concern for clients, as much as they are rooted in the philosophy of planned and sustainable approach towards real-estate development.

The company’s founder Sudesh Kavlekar made his first foray into the real estate business five years ago, at a time when he was ranked as one of India’s top Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) agents (see details below) and had earned his name as a renowned Goa-based financial consultant.

In 2010, Sudesh saw an opportunity in offering real estate consultancy, as one more additional avenue for his existing clients, to help appreciate their investments by proposing researched and well thought-out real-estate opportunities and solutions.

Needless to say, this meant that Sudesh and his team had to be thorough in their research of the real-estate market across Goa. This exhaustive research and an organic understanding of the real-estate market here, in turn, gave him the required confidence and intellectual wherewithal to start Sudesh Real Estate.

The company has already invested strategically in sizeable land-banks in several areas across Goa, which are poised to develop and flourish in the coming years.

One such being Kamaxi Udyan, in Macadsai, Shiroda, which offers 100 demarcated plots starting from 255 sq mts in the picturesque village, with excellent connectivity and a promise of growth.

Kamaxi Udyan has a touch of picture-post card serenity to it. The plots are ringed by coconut groves, mango, betel nut trees and is blessed with plentiful water. It is located only 12 kms from Ponda and is within an earshot of the famous Kamaxi temple.

The other properties which are being developed by Sudesh Real Estate will be unveiled gradually, because of the strong belief the company has in planned and sustainable tapping of land resources.

An accomplished financial consultant, a budding entrepreneur and an unsung philanthropist Sudesh has been associated with several social causes, but prefers not to drum up too much attention about the charitable aspects of his life.

He is however proud of his association with LIC, India’s largest life insurance company, which had listed Sudesh as their second most successful agent in India in 2002 and it’s numero uno agent for three years running from 2003 to 2005 on the basis of the number of life insurance policies sold across India.